Automate your Application with ACCELQ

Difference between other automation tools vs. ACCELQ

Automation tools need more coding and maintenance support, so we can have a chance to miss a few functional behaviors of the application testing, but ACCELQ provides a predefined methodology to automate the application and Self-healing capability to maintain existing automation. No programming skill is required.

Let’s discuss more on ACCELQ

I have not seen any better tool for automating Web UIs. ‌The auto-healing and element selection based on AI are both fantastic. ‌The framework requires no ‌maintenance. ‌SMEs transformed into automation experts. ‌The ACCELQ product is continuously improved with new feature sets based on market‌ ‌needs. ‌In addition, customized solutions are provided for some of our enhancement requests.

Difficulties of Automation Testing:

  1. Creation:

ACCELQ Solving all the Pain Points:

  1. It’s all in one package so that the business can cover all the areas of test like Functional, API, UI, Mobile
  2. It integrates with all the CI tools (Jenkins/ Azure/etc.)
  3. Once we register to ACCELQ, we will get the cloud login, so from anywhere, we can access our automation assets and run and see our application’s current status.
  4. No prior experience need to use ACCELQ because we are automating using the Natural English language
  5. ACCELQ provides all the Infrastructure in a single package, so the IT team provides access to one service. Also, testers do not have a problem with any external library limitations.

How to use ACCELQ

Navigation: Context →Create New View→ Action → Scenario → Test Suite

  1. Login with ACCELQ
  2. Click on the ‘+’ Icon and select Context


  1. Same way, users can create different Automation suites and see the results in the dashboard.
  2. Also, we will do functional testing using ACCELQ (Cross-browser testing)
  3. Automation with ACCELQ is just fun. It is like joining blocks together correctly to make a building. Even a person who does not have any automation background can learn and automate quickly with ACCELQ.




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