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3 min readMay 18, 2022

(Copado Robotic Testing)

When it comes to Codeless Test Automation, my first choice is CRT, Copado Robotic Testing. (Yes, you are right ! the same Robot that we wondered about when we were kids.)

I tried CRT with the free version first. (Yes again, No trial period but a long time free version)

Copado Robotic Testing (previously Qentinel Pace) is a cloud-based automation and analytics product. We can use CRT to automate testing or tasks for applications running on the web, mobile, and native desktop operating systems.

There are two possible ways to deploy Copado Robotic Testing depending on our needs- cloud and on-premises.

To do On-premise testing- The user needs to install a piece of software known as QConnect on a local computer and connect it with Qentinel Robotic Testing in the cloud.

CRT supports Robotic Process Automation.
Copado Robotic Testing supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

Pro features:

CRT features are these but are not limited to hyper-scalable test automation infrastructure, a place for all our test results, a dashboard showing test automation statistics, videos and screenshots of our test runs, ability to schedule runs, ability to integrate in your existing DevOps toolchain, access to the extremely simple but powerful syntax for creating test automation scripts for multiple platforms, test generation capabilities and for the brevity, a lot more.

CRT has the capability to integrate with Version control tools of our choice. Their Project structure, maintenance of suites, and Robot creations are made as simple as possible.

CRT has an excellent feature personally my favorite — which is Live Testing. It opens the application on the side and shows the execution.

CRT has an auto-healing capability that suggests the fix based on the failures.
Test Maintenance is made easy by this feature.

We can do Mobile testing by Integrating CRT with Browserstack.

There are step-by-step documentation for each and everything that the user wants help with in CRT. Their support is best and they will help on zoom calls even when we are using their free version.

I have personally automated Salesforce-related user onboarding long processes. It has a lot of setup enablement, drag & drop features, and creating a community. CRT does that all in no time. Earlier it used to take one 1day to do this, now it takes 1.5 hours to do this task using CRT.
QA can run all their Regressions after each build before each release. This would save a lot of manual effort and time.

CRT is truly a blessing to all Testers. I love CRT.


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