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3 min readMay 31, 2022

Building a Test automation today is slow, complex, and requires a lot of time and resources. Not to mention how hard it is to maintain and scale tests as your applications grow.

Introducing TestSigma, a unified cloud-based test automation platform that lets you test, run, analyze, and end-to-end automated tests in minutes with no setup necessary.

With Testsigma QA teams, Developers and PMs can build integrated tests for Web apps, mobile apps, and APIs maintained by the AI engine.

And the Best part is ZERO CODING SKILLS.

Know about its features:

Test sigma lets you write tests in lightning quick speed using Plain English driven by NLP (Natural language processing) with steps groups enabling reusability for commonly used scenarios. We can also record user actions that instantly get converted into editable tests for Web and mobile apps.

The xpaths and other attributes are easily recorded using a test recorder and we can add them to our repository

We can build and test plans directly on the cloud with access to over 800 browsers and 2000 mobile devices.

Debug tests in no time using auto-captured screenshots and recorded videos of executions to generate and share custom reports for individual tests, test suites, modules, and much more.

Testsigma intelligent AI automatically fixes tests that break so that we don’t have to manually maintain them every time. AI detects all test cases affected by failed runs and creates regression test plana automatically.

Testsigma helps to deliver pixel-perfect UI with powerful visual testing.

Unlike most tools, we can flexibly extend test sigma with a marketplace add-on for complex automation scenarios and custom data generators or we can do our own using pre-designed templates and SDKs.

Collaborates with the team, manages projects, test cases, elements test data, and environments all are in one place made seamless with intuitive UI. Testsigma integrates all facilities' CI-CD, bug tracking, and collaboration tools, enabling teams to build automated delivery pipelines.

Let's Check how to use Testsigma: First create an account on https://testsigma.com/signup


Click New project and fill details -> Then number of applications and also type of application which want to test

After this it will take to the test case details page where to can start writing the test steps for the test case

2. Add Test Steps:

Start typing the actions that we need to perform and choose the specific steps for a test case to build it.

3. Run the tests:

Once test steps are ready, click on the Run button and select machines.

4. Results and debug errors

After running the test case we can see the results show up in real-time on-screen and we can check step-wise execution times and other details like screenshots, video, and logs.


So, we have learned and successfully created and executed our first test using simple natural language on Testsigma!

For more references: https://testsigma.com/docs/getting-started/introduction-cloud/


Kratika Gupta (ISTQB Foundation Level | ISTQB Agile Tester)

Originally published at https://medium.com on May 31, 2022.



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