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3 min readJun 17, 2022


Salesforce Testing:

1- Understanding the business obligation before beginning the system test plan

2- The test plan has been created and reviewed before starting system testing.

3- Test Preparation:

A. Test Scenarios

Prepare feasible scenarios based on the business surroundings.

Scenarios must shield all the well-designed practical requirements.

B. Test Case

A test case should insurance all slight and huge real-world conditions.

C. Test Data

Based on the skilled prerequisite we must prepare test data.

D. Test Environment (QA ORG)

All the projected requirements should be past in QA ORG


2-Validation rule

3-Permition sets

4-Mail Templates


6-Field visibility (Field level security)

7-Browser (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

E. Tool needed for testing

Get ready the wanted testing tools and device for testing.

1-Broken link (Sites)

2-Load testing (Community/Site)

3-Mobile Device (IOS/Android)

F. Time assigned for testing (Use test methods)

1-Boundary value testing

2-Equalance class partitioning

3-Monkey testing

4. SIT Test environment has been configured based on arrangement worksheets/Requirements

5. Test environments for outside systems are available to support test.

6. Traceability Matrix has been created with the major objective to verify the test coverage

7. i.e. whether or not all requirements and test cases are being covered by the test cases.

8. Test Execution Metrics (planned vs. Actual dates) is defined and reviewed

9. External systems resources are available to support/execute interface testing to all external test systems.(API)

How Katalon Studio helps to achieve the above testing Scope:

1- Katalon provide 3 different way to automate the Application testing

  • Record and capture scenario
  • Manual mode capture scenario
  • Coding mode capture scenario

2- So its help Business user Functional tester or Automation tester will use this tool to automate flow.

3- Katalon support Groovy (Java) language support.

4- Katalon object storage and maintenance using Page object model

5- Katalon supports Test-driven automation so will Input data from Excel or DB

6- Katalon support BDD mode to automate application

7- Katalon supports Mobile automation same as web automation

8- Katalon supports API automation very easily

9- Katalon 7 supports Desktop automation (Salesforce cloud-based SAAS but if we integrate with any ERP then katalon supports integration testing)

10- Katalon supports a Cloud-based test execution environment.

11- Katalon provides a lot of functions to simplify the automation also we can create reusable functions.

12- Katalon supports cross-browser testing (Headless execution and custom environment)

13- Katalon support different testing environment (Windows 7/8/10, Mac10/11, Linux)

14- Katalon Suite execution provides a Dashboard for execution result

15- Katalon supports Continuous Integration(CI) using Jenkins, Bamboo, and Jira.

16- Katalon studio is free for all users and Studio Enterprise and Runtime Engine costs are based on user license.

17- Katalon Store integrates with different plug-ins so we can use different application features Ex. Jira/HPALM.


Now software development is based on agile methodology so regression testing is needed for all applications Katalan is one of the best tools for automation for all people (Business user/Functional tester/Automation tester)

Author: Vijayaragavan K https://www.linkedin.com/in/vijayaragavan-kumarasubramanian/

Originally published at https://medium.com on June 17, 2022.



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