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4 min readMay 20, 2022

As the industry is moving towards a No-Code Automation trend, I will be talking about one of the best no-code automation tools available there in the market currently. And that is ACCELQ. We will see what differentiates ACCELQ has from the other tools available in the marketplace.

I had the opportunity to explore and try my hands on the tool in a hackathon that I participated in 2021. Later in 2022, I had the pleasure of learning more about the tool at Codeless Conf 2022. And here is where we got to explore many more new and exciting features of ACCELQ.

Let me tell you about a few of my favorite features of the tool, which make the tester’s life easy and make me choose it over any other tool.

Here are some of the features that I liked the most about the tool:

A. Test Case Development :

1. ACCELQ provides easy understanding for the non-coders as the platform is straightforward.

2. Can Automate the complex scenarios of the requirement by writing in simple English language

3. Built-in framework that can be used depending upon the business use.

4. Gives test data combinations based on the appropriate values and conditions for the data fields.

5. ACCELQ gives the ease to create tests using the record view feature, where we can capture and reuse the element locators (XPath, IDs, etc.)

6. ACCELQ uses the three tire approach for better test management and maintenance by combining Actions, Scenarios, and Test Cases.

B.Test Execution:

1. Enables executing and keeping track of the previous executions for reference.

2. Provides different report type formats according to the audience or stakeholder.

3. The reports can be sent to multiple team members and business stakeholders through email.

4. Provides multiple execution types for your tests

  • Scheduled: Where we can schedule the tests for a particular time.
  • Parallel: Executing multiple tests in parallel.
  • Normal: Executing the tests end to end in s single flow.
  • Recurring: Autorun the tests based on the reoccurrence set
  • CI Triggered: can be integrated with any of the CICD tools and hit the tests from there

C. Automated Testcase generation:

  1. Provides automated test cases generated depending on the business scenarios.

2. Includes risk coverage and assurance.

3. Can visualize the entire test suite and understand the execution flow of the created tests.

4. You can import your tests. You can write it directly in the tool or import it from external sources like MS-Excel.

D. Supported Platform Type:

Since it’s a cloud-based web platform, it supports multiple browsers and multiple devices on multiple platforms.

E. Supported Types of testing:

  1. Web UI: Supports all kinds of UI applications developed in different languages like Java, Angular, React, and bootstrap.

2. Mobile: ACCELQ supports the tests on both Native and hybrid mobile apps

3. API: API testing is being used most commonly these days. ACCELQ has support for automation of various platforms like Workday, Salesforce, Pega, SAP Fury

4. Mainframe testing: Its supports mainframe systems like IBM Mainframe, Attachmate, and Hummingbird.

5. Backend Testing: It supports testing for database, SSH, and Message Queues.

F. CICD Support :

ACCELQ integrates with tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, and Azure DevOps to ensure test automation is done without any barriers.

G. Extensibility:

ACCELQ software is unique because it understands custom needs and offers users the option of creating their User Extensions. User extensions are a great tool for any custom business or testing needs that might come up in the future.

1. User Extensions can be used to extend the core ACCELQ capabilities. This can help you to develop greater capabilities using the existing ones.

2. The User Extension marketplace is a customer-driven marketplace enabling leverage of other user extensions available on the ACCELQ platform.

3. Creating a User Extension is as simple as writing tests on ACCELQ and can be done using a combination of Natural Language and basic Java only.

H. Agile Readiness:

1. Can track and view the entire team’s progress and sprint progress

2. Easy to keep track of project deliverables.

Lastly, it goes without saying that all these features integrated into one single tool make it the most useful for testers. The fact that it can be used for various purposes and can adapt to all the latest technology stacks puts it at the top. And a tool that is easiest to adopt and makes it more attractive for its users.

It also provides a free trial period where you can try it out and get hands-on with all of its unique features. You can find all about it here https://www.accelq.com/.

I hope this was helpful for you all.

Thank you, and happy reading :)

Anindita Rath
Sr QA Automation Engineer
Crisil Limited

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Anindita is currently working as a Sr QA engineer with CRISIL. Her Curiosity to learn and know more about software led her to be a tester by profession. She is always excited and happy to explore and learn new things.

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