Why ACCELQ is the BEST in the Industry?

  • Scheduled: Where we can schedule the tests for a particular time.
  • Parallel: Executing multiple tests in parallel.
  • Normal: Executing the tests end to end in s single flow.
  • Recurring: Autorun the tests based on the reoccurrence set
  • CI Triggered: can be integrated with any of the CICD tools and hit the tests from there
  1. Provides automated test cases generated depending on the business scenarios.
  1. Web UI: Supports all kinds of UI applications developed in different languages like Java, Angular, React, and bootstrap.

About Author

Anindita is currently working as a Sr QA engineer with CRISIL. Her Curiosity to learn and know more about software led her to be a tester by profession. She is always excited and happy to explore and learn new things.



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